Thursday, 5 June 2008


I love summer nights. Well, I'll rephrase that. I love summer evenings. As soon as I say "summer nights" I immediately hear in my head the words sung in that horrible jangly way they're sung at the end of the song in Grease (I'm of that age).

A representative sample of my kids and I took the puppy for her second ever proper walk this evening. The gorse was in full bloom.

We also saw some hedgehogs that had been carved from a tree trunk since our last visit. We also saw lots of joggers but I didn't like to photograph them in case I was reported to the police. And some brownies. Even more so there.

The bracken was looking extremely healthy too and had what I think of as "the smell of green". We saw a few trees too of course, seeing as we were in a wood.

And in other news, I am now on day three of being A Woman Who Does Not Need Caffeine. Yesterday and the day before I had none. This morning I forgot and made myself a coffee with regular instant. However I feel Mr Nighttime is just being mean posting his delicious post about the black nectar to tempt me mercilessly and, I feel, needlessly.


Difster said...

Hi AnneDroid. I noticed that you visited my blog so I thought I'd look at yours too.

I see you found me through Chaplain Luken's blog. He's a friend of mine from waaaaaay back.

Please feel free to drop by any time!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a lovely place you live.

P.S. It's ok if you want to borrow the dog parables.

Anonymous said...

That's beautful. What sort of pup do you have?

Love the bit about the joggers and the police! Other Half often mutters darkly about things like that! LOL!

That Hideous Man said...

Nice photos - where of?

AnneDroid said...

You too, difster. Thanks, Ruth. Jay, a black labrador. THM, Kinnoull Hill Squirrel Walk - very short but just right for wee one of the human or canine variety, see link:

lynn said...

hello anne

one question - brownies, small b - gooey calorific treats of US origin or small girls driving mothers everywhere daft about to sew their badges, as large as coasters, on NEATLY :::::grumble:::::


Sabrina said...

Oh my, sooooo beautiful! And lush! Gorgeous! And I loved the hedgehogs!!!