Thursday, 19 June 2008


Last night I thought I'd go to bed early. Him Indoors wasn't home yet, so I thought I'd let the puppy come and lie on the bed and he could take her out and put her to her bed when he got home. Stupid idea. She pee-ed on the bed and was nearly advertised on Ebay immediately. £11 to get the duvet cleaned. Grrrrrr! Anyway, she IS cute and won a reprieve. I've just taken her out for tonight's goodnight visit to the garden. Today is the June Solstice. I've always called it the Summer Solstice but t'internet has just pointed out to me that, of course, in the Southern Hemisphere this is the Winter Solstice. Tonight, here, in the garden with Flora, at 11pm, it still wasn't dark. On its way, but definitely by no means dark.

It's a sad reflection on my miseryguts glass-is-half-empty personality that I feel sad now that as of tomorrow, the days get shorter for the next six months. O me miserum! Woe is me! I don't really care if the weather's hot or cold, within reason, though of course I do prefer when it's not raining. But above all, it's the light I like. I don't like grey days so much and I'm not a fan of the winter. I like a bright day, winter or summer, and I like light evenings. In winter here it's getting dark by 4pm.

I guess that's why I like this description of heaven, from the last chapter of the last book of the Bible: "There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light". Woohoo! That'll be fab.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Wow, I'm astonished that she would pee a bed. Most dogs will do anything not to soil a bed. I guess that's not much comfort to you.

I'm the same way about the light. I'm convinced I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, and I blame it all on my Swedish ancestors. I think the long dark winters altered their brain chemistry and they passed it on.

You must really get dark early in the winter because I know Scotland is farther north than where I am. (I'm at roughly 42 degrees north.) Conversely, it must stay light really late right now. Here it gets dark a little after nine.

I love that verse you quoted too. (Sheesh, I did blather on here, didn't I? I've been writing about the structure of Utah state government all day, and I'm a little punchy.)

McNoddy said...

Funnily enough, fae a wee bitty nearer the north pole, I too was in the garden about 2330 hours admiring the pink tinged cloudlets (it had been persisting down most of the day so the sky had cleared bonnie like), thinking that tonight I will be saying that the nichts are fair draw'n in. Sad!

Anonymous said...

I woke up at quarter past four last night and it was BROAD DAYLIGHT. The sky in the east was entirely molten gold, low sun and clouds. It was impossible to understand that it was, in fact, the middle of the night.

Sage said...

I'll join you in the feeling grumpy because from Sunday the days will get progressively shorter... heading downwards towards the winter solstice, but then I love autumn, that faint chill in the air after the heat of Summer (well I can dream!) and the magical changing colours of the trees... awesome