Saturday, 21 June 2008

Church-Family Day Out.

Some of us from our wee corner of the Borg, sorry Church, had a day out today to St Andrews, Craigtoun Park. It didn't rain till we got home, and no-one fell in the pond. For these and many other reasons the day was pronounced a success. Although quite a few people couldn't come, those who were there got to know each other a bit better, and the kids (actual and only-outwardly-grown up) played and played and played. My face is tingling a little. The sun shone but the breeze cooled our skin at the time. I got a chance for a row on the pond (row to rhyme with hoe, not how, of course) so I was a happy bunny (I quite like a row now and again). Tired but happy, is the cliche which applies to the Droid household tonight. Even the puppy's tired. She was being looked after for the day at a house containing seven year old twin boys (and adults, don't fret) and she seems worn out!


Pat - Arkansas said...

I'm recently come to your blog through Ruth's Visions and Revisions. I am enjoying the reading, and find most of your posts quite though-provoking. You, and those to whom you minister, are in my prayers.

Several members of my Episcopal Church serve in prison ministry through the "Kairos" program. It's not a direct chaplaincy ministry such as yours, but we hope it is having an positive impact on the lives it touches.

May God bless you in your work.

Anonymous said...

"I quite like a row now and again". Now. Is that 'row' or 'row'? Being as you're a woman, I just can't be sure! lol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat. Lovely to have you here.

Dickiebo, you cheeky boy.

Incidentally that is me in the back of the green paddle boat, with the sunglasses. And Him Indoors is the one with the rounders bat.

Les (Endlessly Restless) said...

AD - despite my anti-social demeanour, I'm jealous! It's years since our church has done anything like this... so you've inspired me to do something about it rather than just moaning about it.

(Now I'm worried that I've been possessed by some sort of pixie spirit or something.)