Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tree time.

On another blog yesterday, someone called Anna commented: "I love how you can't pin point God. I like looking at trees and saying “Thats a cool tree” and if I seriously can't get my head round the amazingness of a tree, well God's a bit out of the question really." I know just what she means and I agree. I thought about that this morning, having got up unusually (unusually for me) early and gone a nice longish walk before work. Trees are cool. I appreciate there have been a few pictures with trees in recent days on this blog. Two things to say in my defence: there are a lot of trees about, and Scottish summer doesn't last long enough for this to be a year round problem. It'll soon be time to hibernate again.

Above: Look away now, Anna. It's a mass grave.Above:I cross this bridge every day on my way to work.

Above: I drive along this road every day on my way to work.
Below: I can see my house from here. At least I think I could if I had a telescope.

Above and below: I got so carried away with the photography bug today I took photos from the car window on the way home from work as well.


That Hideous Man said...

You're right - tres are fantastic things. But fiendishly difficult to photograph and capture anything of their wonder...

Trees are, of course, MEANT to be beautiful, wonderful and captivating! The Genesis account of creation says, "And the Lord made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground - trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food". (2:9)

That's amazing!

The Genesis-theology of trees is that they are formed not just for function - but in order to make the world beautiful, pleasing and attractive to us! The implications for our view of God and our view of the world are staggering.

Go-on, hug a tree! But then take a step back and stand in awe of the God whose creative intent was that you would be pleased with its beauty!

Anonymous said...

I love trees. We have some beauts in the neighbourhood, but my pride and joy are the blackthorn in our garden, which I rescued from bindweed, several years ago.
Tricky, that last photo! Half in colour, and half black & white!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Im in your blog - you made me feel special. I love your pictures, but I always find seeing them first hand is more amazing than the most high definition camera ever! Where you live is so pretty too. Exept for the mass grave of trees though, lol! Though if their ment for a fire I must say fire is very pretty too... (im not a pyromaniac - honest!)

Jeannelle said...

Lovely scenes from your home area. I dropped in from Ruth's Visions and Revisions.