Sunday, 8 June 2008

Been there. Got the teeshirt.

Yesterday Him Indoors and Firstborn had a day out to Frenzy 08. They can say they've been there and bought the teeshirt.

Speaking of buying teeshirts I've found a website which sells teeshirts and baseball caps for chaplains! Woohoo! I'm thinking of getting the sweatshirt with "chaplain" and a silhouette picture of a Harley Davidson on it. It could be my new image round the jail, as I don't have a uniform and my dog collar has rusted in the wardrobe through lack of use.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

The sweatshirt sounds like a great idea.

Sabrina said...

Howdy! Thanks for commenting! Can't wait to read more on your blog! Loving it!!!!!

Tom Burger said...

Please post the link for the website for chaplains' stuff. Help a fellow chaplain out.