Monday, 9 June 2008

Not (yet) Got the Teeshirt.

The other day in response to my teeshirt post, where I mentioned I had spied a website selling prison chaplain's teeshirts, Tom from On the Brink of Eternity (a blog I like a lot) asked for the link. Here is the link but also here are some of the selection.
As a lot of our prison officers have motorbikes and as I still have my dream, I may just go for the sweatshirt, for the fun of it.

I also found another website with teeshirts for caravanners. (The Droid family are caravanners). You really can find anything on the internet. I quite liked the one below but there was also a man's one with a picture of a caravan, which said, "I've pulled". I thought that was very funny, but won't be ordering it.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Just don't wear the "Caravan of Love" t-shirt to your job. (grin)

I clicked over to your friend Tom's blog and enjoyed it. Thanks for the link.

You asked on my blog if I wanted a diet buddy. Were you serious?

That Hideous Man said...

Caravans! CARAVANS! Ggrrrr... don't start me on caravans. It turns me into a ghastly genetic hybrid of Victor Meldrew and Mr Angry from Purley.

AnneDroid said...

THM, don't be cheeky. I wish I hadn't emailed you the directions to our lovely beach now. You've obviously become a disciple of Jeremy Clarkson.

lynn said...

I love the T shirts Anne.
At Christmas I (seriously) got our SP a T shirt that said
"Don't Mess With the Senior Pastor"

there's a great website where you can design your own. Wondered what I could get....

"Don't Start An Extra Service Without Consulting The Children's Pastor"

"Big Church Can Finish When I Say So"

"After The Next Song Adults Can Exit By The Back Door"

etc etc

Anonymous said...

Oh these are good suggestions, Lynn, esp the last one.

lynn said...


I'm thinking of some slogans for you too. Should really be studying.....