Friday, 2 May 2008

Caffeine, my Drug of Choice.

White With Two Sugars (Please) by Steve Turner

Coffee gives you
a legal shot of
energy when your
eyelids are feeling
Coffee kills time
when you’re washed
ashore on the streets
of London.
(Coffee can even
help rainstorms
Coffee is something
to dangle your lips
in when conversation
is scarce.
Coffee is a good
place to take a
new friend.
(Coffee is an excuse
to stay half an hour
Acquaintances end
on the doorstep but
friendships begin
with a coffee.
Coffee can be
appreciated by all
Coffee is a multilingual,
multi-racial, liquid Esperanto.
There’s something quite
religious about coffee.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Ah yes. I brew cappuccino every morning. Love it.

Mr. Nighttime said...

Hear, hear! The most glorious brown liquid ever created. I was weaned from the bottle to the coffee cup, and have my Starbucks card ever at the ready. Yes, I know that some people recoil in horror at the name, much like the Knights Who Say Ni, but I'm sorry......the stuff is so good. Far better than the average American cup of joe. (Anyone who has ever had coffee at a Shoney's can attest to this.)

Yes, a good cup of real espresso or Turkish coffee is something to revere.

I remember the pain I felt when, enjoying a freshly brewed cup of Bustello while stationed on a hostage call, having to ditch it as the poor sod holding a gun to his head had the poor grace to discharge his weapon. It was something out of an action flick, racing towards the victim watching the ambrosia in my hand fall from it, slo mo, all the while the voice in my head screaming, NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I was never the same after that....Come to think of it, neither was that guy with the gun.....

McNoddy said...

Try this!

Roland said...


Annette said...

I only drink coffee, loads of it.
I love the stuff.

That Hideous Man said...

I am a complete coffee addict! I drink large volumes of cafetiere coffee and a few espresso's every day. In Perth, we have the advantage of having The Bean Shop, who import, roast, blend a huge number of coffee's and know all about them too. I am a regular at their George Street shop.

You just can't beat a really good cup of coffee - although the quest for the perfect espresso can become a little obsessive! :-)

Fred Shope said...

Coffee is wonderful!

AnneDroid said...

I see I am among people of taste in this blogging world, everyone.

Mr Nighttime and THM, I think you've got it particularly bad, though... You may need counselling, over a cup of coffee.

Doorman-Priest said...

In that case may I be the voice of dissent. I want tea and I want it introvenously!

Mr. Nighttime said...

"Mr Nighttime and THM, I think you've got it particularly bad, though... You may need counselling, over a cup of coffee."

I sought counseling from Juan Valedez........(please tell me you get the reference.....please!!!)

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember reading one of Selwyn Hughes' illustrations in his Every Day With Jesus Bible notes on how we should not allow our feelings to be the arbiter of our spiritual condition (whether we "feel" saved or not).

It went something like this:

Woman to minister: "But I don't feel saved."

Minister to woman: "Madam, before I've had three coffees in the morning, I'm an atheist!"

For some of us, like doorman-priest, tea does the trick.