Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Three weeks more and we're past midwinter.

This is not the best weather or time of year for the heating to stop working, as it did yesterday. However, thankfully it was fixed late this afternoon. Hurray!

I saw the above Christmas wreath for sale today. Real snow included for free!

By the way, may I suggest y'all go to the photo on Connika's blog here if you could use a kind smile. I saw the same sight today, but in the northern hemisphere, the smile is upside down and the eyes are below it, which doesn't work so well... Apart from which, visiting her blog reminds us that it's not winter everywhere.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That's a great photo. Makes me feel all Christmasy.

The W.O.W. factor! said...

How beautiful! Free snow even! I'm so generous, I'll let you have it! Take all the snow you want!

Sage said...

Thanks, can I pre-order some for the 25th December, to be gone by the 27th?


Doorman-Priest said...

Yes, but you live in the Arctic Circle!

AnneDroid said...

It feels like it D-P, that's for sure. I have enlarged my woolly scarf collection and got some fingerless gloves I wear to type at my work computer.