Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

It's not quite midnight, so I can still be on time by posting Christmas good wishes to you all now. Merry Christmas.

Hope Santa stopped by your place. Our bunch did well, even Flora. Him Indoors and I are looking forward to half a dishwasher each in the January sales as the other one is giving up the struggle. When Him Indoors was a very little boy, he once greeted his grandfather on Christmas Day with the subsequently famous quote, "Papa! That Santa Claus! He's a ****ing great man!" much to his mother's embarrassment. Once again I found myself thinking this morning, "That Santa's a great man..."

We did also recall who the day is really about and went to Church this morning, where the kids got to sing "Happy birthday to you" to Jesus!


McNoddy said...


Have no doubt about it, a dishwasher is a MUST. Being a stubborn so and so and coupled with my Aberdonian 'cannyness', I held out against an unbeatable force for a few years. I even wrapped up an old fashioned mini dishwashing mop one year, which funnily enough didn't amuse the one that has to be obeyed at the time. Having got one, they are an amazing invention. Now to get a machine that does the ironing and my wife's life would be complete.

Your wee loon, even from the restricted side view, is beaming with joy! Did you offer to join him for a session,or do you still have some dignity?

We had a very quiet (I used the word) day at work and I thoroughly enjoyed the festivities when I got home. There are a few waifs and strays on couches, floors etc this morning. I did manage to get to bed and sleep in case you think I'm still partying!

I loved the thought of being God's loon by the way (a little weegie that is) and Christ's birth was the best present we all got and hopefully remembered yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good one! Merry Christmas.

uphilldowndale said...

Merry Christmas xx

AnneDroid said...

Thanks all.

Noddy. Your poor wife must love you a lot to put up with you. Yes, I have had a go on the Wii Fit - both hoola-hooping and ski jumping. Not a pretty sight, and most undignified (I'd only do it in front of the kids) but a lot of fun.