Saturday, 25 October 2008

For those in peril on the hills...

Worrying news tonight about a fell run in the north of England where the weather conditions caused the race to be abandoned and many many runners are at this time (23.30pm) unaccounted for. It is to be hoped they're sheltering hither and thither in relative safety overnight and it is known that they are (a) fit and (b) equipped with survival gear. Nonetheless, I was greatly relieved to go on Uphilldowndale's blog and see that Mr Uhdd is okay. I don't know anyone else in the race. I don't know Mr Uhdd either I suppose, but I know of him.

Today we went a mad walk of our own. Twelve of us, including five children, walked five miles in rain, cold, wind and mud. It's a lovely walk on a nice day, but it wasn't a nice day. I was cold for a LONG time after I got home and went about in a big thick dressing gown, a blanket and a scarf for some time - there are no pictures of this sight. I'm praying for those, wherever they are, from that race who're cold tonight. If you're not already, perhaps you could too.

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AnneDroid said...

According to the last report, all 2500 participants are safe.