Wednesday, 4 February 2009

My Ickle Bwuvver.

My very clever baby brother.... well okay, he's had his 40th birthday* and I need to face the fact he's an adult, has a blog now, related to his business as a dentist. I've added it to my blogroll and forgiven him totally and completely for ever suggesting that my blogging fixation was a waste of time. Lol.

He's a twitterer too, so perhaps I should consider twitter-world too as a whole new possible avenue of housework-avoidance for me to add to Bebo, Facebook, the Scottish Banter website and Blogging.

*How can a 21-year old have a baby brother who is 40? It's to do with time travel, guys, and it's a secret only known to me and a select team of scientists from NASA. Better not to ask further. Walls have ears.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Well, I can't figure out how I have a 46 year-old baby brother, so I'm glad you cleared that up!

McNoddy said...

You must have pearly white gnashers then.

My ickle bruvver is nearing 49 so who knows how I look so youthful....must be the whisky.

Mr. Nighttime said...

Ah, we all see our siblings as we did as kids. I'm almost 50, and my kid brother just turned 45. I suppose there is this part of me that will always see him as the 12 year-old pain in the arse he was back then.

Of course, he now has about 80 pounds on me, but that is another story.

Unknown said...

you forgot to mention the good looks, charm and intellect that we both have in common.

Unknown said...

The reality is that its very much all in the gejeanes when you stop to think of it.


AnneDroid said...

Haha, Ruth, Noddy and Mr N, I see I'm not alone!

David, our good looks, charm and intellect speak for themselves and in any case modesty prevents me from mentioning them too much.

Dad, would that be mum's genes you're thinking of? Lol.

Unknown said...

gejeanes seemed to me a good way to suggest both sides of the heredity coin. After all Dave and Dad both enjoy their fine share of what it takes to 'cut the mustard into pieces sma', as Burns once said in an unguarded moment.