Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Googly fun.

Fond as I am of timewasting, and following a tip off (I've forgotten from whom), I once tried putting "Anne needs" into Google, and got some very amusing (to me anyway) results.

I've just tried it with "Anne wants", being a bit bored with Him Indoors's choice of film on tv. (You either get the remote control or the laptop but not both is our rule). I found amongst other things that:

Anne wants to go shopping later (much, much later, or not at all)
Anne wants to console him (if "him" is a prisoner, I suppose I do)
Anne wants to be adored and worshipped like the royalty she feels she is (lol)
Anne wants to live peacefully with her neighbours (I do. I don't reckon it's very peaceful for them with six of us next door, roaring cheerfully at each other as if we were all deaf)
Anne wants snow tires more than a gold watch (tyres in UK!!)
Anne wants to be a role supermodel (lol)
Anne wants the interaction of overflow-x and overflow-y (what?)
Anne wants to give Richard a child (no, really I don't. We haven't even been introduced)
Anne wants to run the superbowl (no, really I don't)
Anne wants to remedy the situation (yep, I'm up for remedying situations)
Anne wants to write in her diary (for diary, read blog)
Anne wants you to enjoy yourselves and each other (ready, steady, go. Do it now)
Anne wants to start dairy farming (no, really I don't, but I like cows)
Anne wants to make a difference (I admit it, I do. So sue me)
Anne wants to be president (no, really I don't. I like being me)

Try your own name... It helps if your parents gave you a common one like Anne, of course.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This was amusing. Clever idea. (And your remote / laptop rule is interesting too.)

Anonymous said...

"Give Richard a child?"
Strewth. You've never even mentioned this, A-D!

AnneDroid said...

Lol, dickiebo - I forgot that was your Sunday name. Did I give you a fright?

Anonymous said...

You should know better than to scare an old man! lol. Shame on you, Rev.