Thursday, 7 February 2008

No need to pick my Desert Island Discs!

January in Scotland in 2008 was wet, dark and "dreich". Big Chief Him-Indoors and I have been tired and fed up, and fantasising about chucking it all in and going off to the Bahamas... We were amused/amazed/chastened to find in today's "Daily Bread" (Scripture Union Bible reading notes) the following:

"So Moses takes his problem to God - the only proper place for our pain and difficulties. And God says, "There, there, never mind, you tried your best... Have a nice holiday in the Bahamas to get over all the stress." Or not! No, God repeats his amazing promises... and Moses faithfully takes God's words to the people".

Er, oh well, ok God. Head down again, and chin up! (Not sure how you put your head down AND your chin up but I guess I'll try!)


That Hideous Man said...

Cruises to nice holidays in Tarshish have been known to encounter high winds and heavy seas however...... (and the whale ride home ain't guaranteed either).

Shari said...

I'm sure there are many locals and tourists in the Bahamas to minister to. You could turn it into a mission trip.