Saturday, 16 February 2008

I Love Googling!

Put "(Your name) needs" into Google and see what you come up with. No reason. Just for fun!

For instance, when I did it I found that:

Anne needs this yesterday.
Anne needs to win sexiest veg!
Anne needs to unequivocally apologise for entering an arena...
Anne needs to be at least pardoned for the crimes she didn't commit.
Anne needs a group of at least 6 people.
Anne needs help and her parents decide medication is the best alternative.
The elephant Anne needs to retire.
Also I give and bequeath unto Anne Needs the lower house and garden.

Excellent!! (I'm particularly amused - or should I say hugely amused - by "the elephant Anne needs to retire") as on the same day I've joined a slimming club!

1 comment:

Webb said...

Hey, I did this for fun. Majority came back as "Tom needs" some form of punishment, discipline or prayers. How sad and yet, mmmm, how true.
Thanks, Anne.