Sunday, 13 April 2008


Apologies for the bad language. I found this on Purpleplus's website (click link on right) and shamelessly nicked it. It's too sad to be funny, but it's really clever and well observed.


kingmagic said...

Thanks for the link.
I,ve added yours to my blogroll.

Have you thought about being a Chaplain for the Ambulance Service?

We have recently taken one on although I don't know what his remit is or where he is based or how to get in touch. But thats typical of our service!

Mr. Nighttime said...

Ok, could you be so kind as to educate this American, as I don't get all the references. (Although I have been to England and Scotland twice, have friends who live there, there are still certain things that I just don't quite get at times.)Is this how yobs (Is that the right word?) progress through life?

Holy Famoley said...

I'm actually quite offended by this gross misrepresentation. I expected better from you. There is absolutely no way that Easyjet would charge as much as £199 for a return flight to Ayia Napa