Wednesday, 19 March 2008

It's a gift!

I worried for many years when I heard sermons in church about using your gifts etc. For many years I just thought to myself, "What gifts?"
I couldn't do anything artistic. I have no artistic gifts, unlike my dad.
I couldn't do anything musical. My piano teacher used to hit her head off the piano.
I couldn't be a nurse. I am squeamish and can't even watch Casualty.
I couldn't be a policewoman. I'm not brave.
I couldn't be a teacher. I'm not patient enough. My own kids exhaust me.
I couldn't be in catering. I'm not domesticated.
I am quite good at spelling and jigsaws but I don't know how to make a living out of those gifts.
However! In prison chaplaincy I have found I do have two gifts which I use all the time.
I'm good at drinking coffee and I'm good at listening to absolutely fascinating stories. Who knew?


Holy Famoley said...

Hey Anne, aren't you supposed to be doing the housework? Great reflection on gifts. If you put it like that, I may have a future in prison ministry myself! And a lovely surprise for you to have an Asbo cartoon dedicated to you, rightly so!

Anyway, I can't chat all day. I have work to do. I tackled the killer rabbit yesterday, now the hamster from hell needs mucking out!

Sara said...

Hey, is that what prison chaplaincy is? The ability to consume huge quantities of coffee and kick back and listen?

I could do that . . .

Tom Burger said...

Great Post!

My chaplaincy involves much coffee, much listening, and a little bit of Scrabble playing, too.

Les (Endlessly Restless) said...

I know lots of people who share your gifted-ness. Of course, i can't name them or my life will never be the same again!!

That Hideous Man said...

as long as it's good coffee........

AnneDroid said...

Ah, well the prisoners get yucky coffee in ration packs. I, on the other hand have a catering size tin of Nescafe which I keep hidden in case it's nicked, and use to top up a smaller jar which once held Tesco's own coffee.

AnneDroid said...

Just re-read that comment. I don't mean I and only I drink the better coffee! The prisoners who come to see me get it too. The yucky stuff is what they get given by the jail to take to their cells. Is that clearer? No wonder people have been avoiding me in the street.