Sunday, 30 March 2008

Admiring God's Creation, Return of

Just for balance, for male heterosexual readers of this blog I thought I'd make up for yesterday.
This, if you didn't know, people, is Deanna Troi, ship's counsellor on Star Trek in the days of Jean Luc Picard's leadership. I used to find her a bit annoying because I felt her role was much less important than all the others busy on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise trying to save the universe. However, occasionally at work I find myself thinking of Deanna Troi and wondering if, as a prison chaplain, I'm perceived in the same way - a wee bit purposeless! Not by the guys, I don't think, but perhaps by some staff. Once a month I sit at the Top Team management meeting and listen to all these very experienced managers trying to work out how to run the jail and tick all the thousands of audit boxes whilst still doing it all on twenty pence a year. My job is so very different from theirs, and since much of it involves apparently chatting (in reality very committed listening) I appreciate I must seem kind of superfluous. And not only that but at least Deanna Troi was a feast for the eyes - I'm just concerned that if the SPS eventually brings in corporate dress I might have to wear that outfit! Time to get back on the diet?


kingmagic said...

I am male...I am hetro-sexual...and I am only human.

I feel that an alternative to Deanna Troi would be Carol Vorderman.

Whilst adopting the guise and persona of said Vorderman I am sure that the prison management would look more favourably upon your role in the scheme of things.

I know I would...

I will leave my comment there as I need to go and have a lie down now.

Clare Sweeney would be a good choice also.

AnneDroid said...


Thurman8er said...

I always had trouble getting past that line from Ep. 1: "Great joy and gratitude..." Ugh.

I liked her better in that rad blue Starfleet unitard.