Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Hols Part 2: A Room (on wheels) With A View

In the six summers we've owned our caravan we've gone to this place (a bit north of Oban) four times. Here's one of the main reasons. The view from the window each day changes constantly with the light, the weather and the time of day. Sometimes the island of Mull disappears from view altogether. You can often see the weather coming before it gets to you! It's impossible to do it justice with a camera as it is really a 180 degree-plus panorama. My camera has a "stitch" facility but I've no idea how to use it! And yet I keep trying to capture the view anyway. Here are a few of my feeble attempts.


Tom Burger said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics. And welcome back!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Those are just stunning. I have holiday envy.

McNoddy said...

I have a feeling I was where you were back in 2006 when we took a wee trip north of Oban to a go kart track near Benderloch. Have you been across to Mull and Iona?

She who has to be obeyed, my good self and the hound are off to Aberfeldy for a few days and next week it's the Northwest Highlands. Your Pics have wetted my appetite for the lochs and hills!

Will hopefully get some more decent weather to take some pics too.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! I especially like the last one. I've often tried to capture the rays coming down from stormy clouds like that, but never have.