Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hols Part 1: Transports of Delight

Sadly this was stuck to a stand and the engine wasn't running, but at least the blue light was flashing.
Okay, so the rock jumping wasn't actually me, but our friend Nathan. What a hero!
Walking was a common means of transport on our holiday. In this picture the tiny dot on the path is Youngest Child who was having a bit of a sit down protest, as she wasn't keen on going for a walk that day. She got over it though.

Nine of us (Him Indoors' brother and his wife and daughter were there during our third week) went a bike ride to the Go-Karting, which I LOVED.

Two boats but I only got shot of "driving" the wee one.

Setting off to come home yesterday, feeling very sad.


Holy Famoley said...

Aah! all over too soon, eh, Anne? Hope you are refreshed and ready to go. I'm just about to go off for a fortnight so I've got it all to look forward to.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a lovely long holiday you had. And it looks like there was a variety of activity too.

lynn said...

You were blessed with incredible weather.....cannot believe how hot it was yesterday!
Wondering if I spy some Cuillins and/or Ullapool.
Did you go touring round or were you stationary?
Did you get badly midged?
There's nowhere as wonderful as Scotland when it's not pouring.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks as if you fitted a lot into that holiday of yours! Lovely pictures! You look as if you're having a blast!