Saturday, 21 March 2009

Perfect Day.

While Him Indoors was at the pub with an English friend watching England lose at rugby to Scotland, and Firstborn was down the town with her pals, Blue Eyed Boy, Penultimate and Youngest Children, Flora and myself climbed East Lomond hill today. It's in Fife rather than being anywhere near Loch Lomond, and it was new to me as a place to go but we'll definitely go back, especially since you climb quite high in the car first before you have to get out and walk! It was lovely and it was so nice to be out and about after our winter hibernation. I got the tip off about the existence of this walk from Flombo, the big cheese over at Scottish Banter, where I'm inclined to hang out while housework-avoiding, unless I've something to say here, or unless I'm on Facebook playing Bejewelled yet again (just how empty IS my sad life?). It was great to have a day to please ourselves and with no reason to clock watch. (Good thing too as I've, hopefully temporarily, lost my watch. I was bought a watch in October on the Champs-Elysees, which was then eaten by a certain puppy and an identical replacement was bought for me but now I've lost it. Should I have the dog x-rayed?). Here's a few photos from our walk:

Next we headed back down into the nearby village of Falkland.The village of Falkland is very pretty and historic. The blossom lifted my spirits still further. I hate winter! I love spring! Yeay!

We had a walk round the inside of Falkland Palace. You're not allowed to take photos inside, but I recommend it for a visit. It's owned by the National Trust and is rather nice.No matter where you go in Scotland, all statues are similarly attired. This one, just up the road from Falkland Palace, was no different. It's our Scottish sense of humour at its best and most typical.
We finished off with a fish supper at the seaside, at St Andrews. The dog thought the beach was a wonderful place.


Power Up Love said...

Great photos! Great blog site!

There's a great testimony on my site titled, "Determanted to finish the Race" it's about a woman who got out of jail "FREE"

Keep up the "God work"

Anonymous said...

A-D, have you been at the Communion wine again? England lose to Scotland? Yea, right!

AnneDroid said...

P U L, thanks for visiting. I read the testimony you mention - it's great.

Dickiebo, oops. That was a mistake but I like it so I'll just leave it, lol!

uphilldowndale said...

It looks and sounds like a perfect day, watch the dog, it will pass with time.

Mrs Gerbil said...

East Lomond (or Fakland hill to us Fifers) is one of my favourite walks. Given the clear day yesterday, you would probably have seen the Cairngorms from the top!

flombo13 said...

Great photos AnneDroid. I am really pleased you enjoyed your day :)