Sunday, 23 February 2014

Time Passes.

I started blogging to try to raise awareness of prisons and prisoners among any folk who cared to read my posts.  Then I kept blogging because as well as that I was enjoying reading other people's blogs and felt like part of a community, whilst still hoping to do the aforementioned awareness raising.

But then I got caught up with other types of social networking and abandoned the blogging.  It seemed that I could interact with a much bigger number of people through, for instance, Facebook.

This evening, however, just for something to do, I started reading my blog posts from 2008.  In doing so, I realised that a blog can be at least as much for the writer himself/herself to read as for anyone else.  I've reconnected tonight with family events and thoughts about prison ministry from six years ago, and it's been very interesting for me.

So, even if no one other than me ever reads this blog ever again, I'm going to restart it as a journal that I can use myself to look back on.  And should they want to, my family might one day look at it when I'm gone!


McNoddy said...

See someone reads your bleeterin' quine. Twitter in particular has killed the art of blogging. I may have more time to join you soon in rekindling my love of the Blog. I said recently to someone that I had been 'angry' when my blog posts were at their most frequent... maybe it was a release!

AnneDroid said...

I got such a fright there, Noddy, when I came on here and found a comment!

Hope you enjoy all this free time you're going to have. :)

Unknown said...

Just found your blog. One day you can write again.. Love it, love you, love what you're doing. Why stop now?