Sunday, 22 May 2011

Big Boys do Cry (and I blame myself).

Recently at work it was my turn for my regular refresher self-defence training.  I hope I never need it but it's good to be prepared.

In the middle of us all throwing each other about the gym I was suddenly struck by a funny thought.  I was distracted at one point by thinking about a bereaved prisoner that I should go and see, and remembering how tearful he had been when I last saw him.  That made me think that I should really get some more paper hankies as the box was empty.  Neither of those were the funny thoughts (obviously). 

What made me smile was the idea that I routinely need to buy paper hankies as one of the tools of my trade (along with teabags etc) and so the conclusion from that could be that perhaps I cause the guys to cry (by offering sympathy, love, prayers, etc) at a greater rate than anyone else in the prison.  In other words, there I am, day by day, with some of the so-called "Scotland's Toughest" and I'm the one who brings on tears the most!

The day after I realised my handkerchief supply had run out, I was listening to another tearful prisoner.  He was really crying and, to be blunt, his nose was producing a lot of output too.  He badly needed a tissue but the only thing I had to give him was a (fresh) wiping up cloth like the one in the picture!

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Mrs Gerbil said...

Well, it's better than nothing and it's the love you show which it important.