Saturday, 12 June 2010


Last Saturday I climbed my first Munro, Schiehallion. Here are the photos (click on this one and you should access the album). It was a beautiful day, and were I fitter, it would have been perfect. Instead it was a struggle, but it left me feeling nicely virtuous! We really have a beautiful country here in Scotland. Flora was my companion for the journey. The last part of Schiehallion is a scramble across boulders. I hadn't realised that and wondered what I would do if the dog fell and was injured, seeing as I can barely lift her, never mind carry her down a mountain. However, I think her low centre of gravity and four legs make her as nimble as a mountain goat and she was fine.


That Hideous Man said...

Schiehallion is fab, all the boulders are worth it for the view from the top! I took my boys up there recently:

Only 282 Munro's to go now then!

Peter said...

Well done you. Only 282 to go! I completed them all in 1993 but am not sure if I could get up one now hence my birding exploits. But it certainly takes you to parts of Scotland you wouldn't go to otherwise. By the way I am also writing about Schiehallion.

Peter M