Monday, 11 January 2010

You Have a Friend Request.

Two of the great loves in my life are Facebook and Jesus - not, hopefully, in that order. Who knew that you could combine the two in this teeshirt? I love it. Not in the sense of wanting one. Not in the sense of being willing to wear one. And He needs a better profile picture. But it makes me smile all the same.


Mrs Gerbil said...

Brilliant! I agree about the pic, though.

Anonymous said...

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Talon5 said...

All religions are nothing more than archaic old myths. All primitive cultures have had their "creation myths" wich over the centuries, have evolved into the world's current religions. All are just old myths and made up stories.

If there IS a supreme, ultimate being/creator, god etc. It is unknowable. Anyone who pretends to know what such a being wants or claims to know the nature of such a being is living in a fantasy world.

You cannot rely on millenia-old myths, written by primitive, superstitious cultures to tell you anything real about anything. To do so is ludicrous