Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Do you have a WEE car?

If you switch on our computer after the kids have been on, chances are the background (desktop wallpaper) will have changed. This one made me laugh. Thanks kids.


Holy Famoley said...

Don't you just love the ambiguities of the English language? :-)

سامح العروسي said...

Good night, Mr.

Tribute of respect and appreciation,

Taamlkm urge you to stop the economic and business with the thieves of our country, because they have no power of attorney of us in the form of a free and fair election where we have our voices We've given them to replace us with selling and buying.
This is why all the selling and buying with your country is dealing in stolen items, money laundering and involvement in the crime of robbery by force, because the agency is the basis for legitimacy between the ruler and the people and all his actions, which does not exist. This means that the presence of the governor, such as (Hosni Mubarak) and his gang is a mystified vision also precluded discrimination all his vicious absolutely false, there is no legitimacy for a thief to sell the other so that what was stolen.

And Yours abundant greeting,,,
Image to the EC Delegation in Egypt.
The image of the American embassy in Cairo.


Parlancheq said...

Like the drive-through windows at fast food restaurants, now they have drive-through bathrooms, too? ;)