Friday, 2 January 2009

WARNING: sentimental post.

Apart from for one day (the 22nd of December) I haven't been to either prison since Friday 12th December. I realised then that I was very tired so took the sudden decision to take a week's annual leave. During that week, we had a close family bereavement and then the funeral. The day after the funeral I had a tooth extracted. The socket then became infected and it became increasingly painful, and so I've been off sick over Christmas and New Year. Antibiotics and maximum doses of Ibuprofen got me through the worst. I'm fine now and going back to work on Monday. I feel very sorry to have abandoned the prisoners at what is as you can imagine a very difficult time of year to be in jail.

However, the result has been much more quality family time than I'd otherwise have had (originally I was only planning to take Christmas Day and the weekends off).

The combination of all this, plus my brother-in-law and sister-in-law being back from New Zealand for my mother-in-law's funeral, and also my cousin and her husband visiting Scotland for Christmas, together with this moving post by A Cowboy's Wife, has left me feeling very sentimental. To rub it in thoroughly, I was watching Mamma Mia on video tonight with the children and was very (!) struck by the words of this song:

It reminds me of how emotional I once became when expecting Penultimate Child. Him Indoors was having an exceptionally busy year and was out constantly. Blue Eyed Boy was less than two at the time and I heard for the first time the song "The Cat's In the Cradle" which, much like Rolf Harris's "Two Little Boys", should never be mixed with pregnancy hormones (which are not the cause of today's wobbles - don't get excited).

So, all in all, although I wouldn't wish an infected tooth socket on anyone (even someone I really really really didn't like), I'm glad to have had this time off, and I just want to dedicate the following to my no-longer-so-little cherubs. It's much less sentimental. I can't keep up being soppy for very long.


The W.O.W. factor! said...

LOL! Oh my goodness! I LOVE that!! Wish I'd have had it to dedicate it to my kids while still at home!! Going to send this on to Hydro!
A-D...I'm so sorry for the loss of your MIL. It's hard when we lose those so close to us, but you were very blessed to have family to be with, to share in the sorrow and then the Holidays.

Now about that tooth...I've been there too! There is NO greater pain in all the universe than that! I'd give birth a thousand times, I'd jump from a plane w/o a chute.....well, maybe not.., but I'd do most anything to never go through that I empathize with you, with all my heart!!
Have a wonderful weekend A-D!
(...and tell me..why I'm not getting your 'feed' in my 'following' thingy-majiggy...)

Doorman-Priest said...

There is nothing worse than dnetal pain.

Loved the Mom song. It could have been written for my youngest.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. In case I haven't said this yet, happy New Year.

uphilldowndale said...

Feeling sentimental myself, about the end of the break and term starting , we’ve had such a nice holiday (when it arrived, I got more than a little stressed out in the run up to it.)
Maybe you tooth was trying to tell you something, however painfully, that it is good (and sometimes essential) to come to a grinding halt.

Anonymous said...

I sit here in Auchenshuggle with tears of joy and laughter running down my face, thank you! Hope your 'teefs'(weegieism) are better soon.

AnneDroid said...

Hi Ellie - my teefs are much better, and I'm fluent in Weegie. The teefs and I are going back to work tomorrow.

All of you, thanks for commenting.

W.O.W. factor, I don't know the answer to your technical question - these things are a bit of a mystery to me.

kingmagic said...

Anne...sorry to hear about your loss. Hope you got just as much support as you give to others. Someones got to care for the carers too.
Will drop you a line