Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Practice Makes Perfect.

Last night I went to see Runrig in concert. It was fab. I'm not a huge fan to be honest, though I saw them once before in concert (about 20 years ago!) and I think the only song I could have named off the top of my head would have been Loch Lomond.
However! There's something really cool about live music, isn't there? Not only that but it was my daughter's first concert and I reckon she'll soon not want to be seen in public with me as she's getting to that age, so I realised I better enjoy it while I had the chance.
But above all it struck me that watching people do something they're good at and clearly enjoy is often inspiring whether their thing is your thing or not. Eric Liddell said when he ran he felt God's pleasure. I reckon God feels pleasure in seeing people using and developing and polishing - and ENJOYING - the gifts He has given them.
I think a lot of us fall down on the polishing bit - we want the gift fully formed, not self-assembly, flat-pack. Well I do, anyway. But that's not how it works, is it? Runrig clearly love what they do and what they do is fab, but they've practised a bit I reckon. I love my job but I can see that six months hasn't made me the polished article and patience and practice are what's needed!

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Anonymous said...

We are all but diamonds in the rough; lumps of coal. The Holy Spirit does the work in us, the polishing. It's the heart of Christ that allows God to see the polished stone.