Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I have a disability I didn't know about.

Last night I was talking to a bunch of prisoners. A couple of them pointed out how truthful I am. I had just confessed at length to two of them that I had found out since last week that a word I had used in our game of Scrabble wasn't in the (newly-purchased-to-prevent-future-disagreement) Scrabble dictionary, and that one of them had been wrongly denied a word that was in fact IN said dictionary. I have still got sin to battle, and don't pretend to perfection by any means but it is true that I don't tell lies, and haven't done so for years, maybe decades. So, for fun, I explained to them very solemnly that, "You know how some people are compulsive liars? Well, I suffer from compulsive honesty". This produced a great reaction across the board, a mix of hilarity, horror and real pity! One guy said, "That's really awful. That's a very serious disability. You should be able to register as disabled and get benefit for that".

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David Denniston said...

I too suffer from this affliction! Sometimes it can feel terribly inconvenient, but I have never ultimately regretted it. If only I found it as easy to overcome all other temptations as I do the temptation to lie!