Saturday, 12 June 2010

Loch Turret and Ben Chonzie

On Thursday I did another walk, alongside Loch Turret and then up Ben Chonzie (my second ever Munro). Just Flora and me, although on the top of Ben Chonzie I met two people I'd spoken to on Schiehallion last Saturday! It was a beautiful day really. Click on the picture here and (hopefully) you'll see the album of photos. And I do have a perfectly reasonable explanation for having a miniature of whisky with me - it's to do with my next-door-neighbour actually.


Runaway Child said...

Hmm intrigued with the whiskey bottle, medicinal I am sure ...
Great photos Anne. xx

AnneDroid said...

The explanation (which convinces me anyway) is that the car park at Loch Turret dam is just near the Famous Grouse distillery. I called in there to buy sweets for the walk as there were no other shops in the vicinity. My neighbour Iain retired recentlyish from Famous Grouse and the thought occurred to me it would be fun to buy a miniature and take a photo of it on the cairn at the top! I did have a nip to keep me going, but didn't finish it, honest.

Thanks re the photos - I'm not much of a photographer but the scenery was awesome and it was hard to go wrong with point-and-shoot.

Fred Shope said...

Enjoyed the pics. And hey, if you want a little nip when you go walking, who am I to say anything? :)

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