Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I know that like me you will have been overwhelmed as we've followed the news from Haiti. It is unimaginably awful. This evening I found this blog which gives insight into what it is like there just now. I'm sure there are other blogs too. For people like me who know no one in Haiti they help to personalise the story and help me see that (unfortunately) it is all too real.

I was of course also interested to hear on the news that the prison was affected by the earthquake. A few people died but most of the 4,500 prisoners have escaped. I am imagining that this will cause additional problems for the people of Haiti. Some of these will be dangerous individuals and some will be desperate individuals. The police are already stretched to capacity without being able to pursue all these fugitives.


That Hideous Man said...

There's a fundraising coffee morning at Perth Baptist 10-12 this Saturday morning - all funds for Haiti.

Lots of folks donating cakes, baking, etc all up for sale - others busy brewing good coffee, hoping to rake in lots of donations to help the people of Haiti.

Everyone welcome

AnneDroid said...

Cool, THM. I will post it on FB.