Thursday, 11 June 2009

Chris Moyles - our ambassador!

Various friends featured this on Facebook. It's just nice to hear positive, happy, fun, accurate comments about church from media rather than some of the frankly ignorant crap I've read recently in some newspapers from folk who'd obviously not been to church themselves for a hundred years. Chris Moyles hadn't actually been to this Peterborough church but had seen it on tv and was clearly impressed.

The commonest reaction to our church from people who come along to a special occasion and who hadn't been to church since childhood is much more along the lines of Chris Moyles' reaction than anything negative. When I take prisoners out to church, as I do sometimes, they are generally blown away.

Certainly some self-indulgent and luddite churches have turned themselves into stale museums where eveyone's pretending it's still the nineteenth century but there are others like ours who're GOOD places to visit. Happy, relaxed, cringe-free, positive, warm, non-judging and friendly.


Doorman-Priest said...

I never liked him and now I feel guilty because he was so enthusiastic.

I hope someone invites him to go and that he takes them up on it.

jay said...

He certainly was enthusiastic, wasn't he?

I had to look up where that church is, despite living around the Peterborough area for decades. Oh ... right over there! Wow. I thought that was all industry and warehousing! LOL!

It's not the sort of church I feel at all comfortable in, I must admit ... but then I'm a Quaker, so I guess that's understandable, huh?

Mary said...

Great post - thanks - unusual to hear such a positive & enthusiastic response to worship. I may use this video on my blog if I can work out how to add it!

Oliver Smith said...


I'm a recent convert to Christianity. I'd never stepped into a church prior to October 2008. When I went in I was just as shocked as Moyles was!

The Church that someone took me to a Baptist Church, which was very contemporary and it was there that God touched my life and changed it for ever!

If you saw me in a Church today you would not think that it was only this year I became a Christian!