Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Hols: the finale, a mega-miscellany.

Time to get back to concentrating on work. But a last (for now) look through all the holiday photos has been fun (for me anyway). One of the things I like best about photos is that, were they to be believed, life would always be sweetness and light. I don't take photos of the kids bickering, or crying, or of the dirty laundry or the dishes. In my photos we're all in a permanent state of bliss, and, actually, I'd rather remember the bliss anyway, so that's okay.


Fred Shope said...

Who wrecked the boat?

McNoddy said...

Tesco, Oban - happy memories?
Funnily enough we were doing a clear out at the weekend and found our Bop It. I recall now why I hid it!

Who won the diving contest at the pier?

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...


The one of Flora is precious. And I loved the boat and the stone building on the island. And children are always fun to see.

Anonymous said...

co-heir, it wasn't me, honest. "A big boy done it and ran away".

Noddy, too right re bop-it - that's why I keep it in the caravan and we don't have to have it all year round. Re the Tesco one it made me laugh to think of the two males of this family doing the modern equivalent of the hunter-gatherer and returning from Tesco with the day's kill! And those on the pier are crab-lining, catching loads of crabs with the aid of bits of leftover sausage from the night before's barbeque!

Anonymous said...

Ruth, thanks. The stone building on the island is Castle Stalker and there is a lovely cafe near where the photo was taken from, with big squashy sofas that you can admire the view from.

Mr. Nighttime said...

Great pics, and even the dog gets its own little boat. Did he get a doggy life vest too? ;-)

His Girl Friday said...

Hi annedroid,

great photos! :)

(side note: I would have emailed you, but was having trouble connecting or something...either that or my 12hr workshift has left me crosseyed! ;)

anyway, I've a question for you regarding programmes in Scotland that work with 'youth at risk' as in trying to keep them out of the jail system. My hubby works with a programme here in Los Angeles and want to connect with other groups internationally. Would you know any specific programmes in Scotland that we could contact?

Janet said...

That's it, I just HAVE to go to Scotland now.
Flora is too precious.