Thursday, 28 February 2008

Woman Flu

Here's an interesting fact I have just learned. Apparently, if you work with a large number of men, you can get Man Flu even though you're female. Astonishing. What I thought was a cold that was lasting for weeks got worse and the Doc said it was in fact flu and signed me off for a week. Boy, day-time television is RUBBISH. And my head's too groggy to read a book or hold an interesting thought. But then, if you're enjoying yourself you shouldn't really be off sick. As soon as I start to enjoy myself, I promise I'll go back to work!!


That Hideous Man said...

The Infallable Law of the Gender Distribution of Illness States:

"The severity of a symptom is inversely proportional to the sympathy offered it". Thus 'Woman Flu' can never be as debilitating as 'Man Cold'.

Shannon said...

Anne, sorry you've been sick. It seems to be hitting the chaplains lately. Yuck!