Saturday, 26 January 2008

I got this from Jon Birch's "The Ongoing Adventures of Asbo Jesus", and it just nails an element of some parts of the Church which drives me bananas. Here's what I said about it on the ASBO website:
"Thanks for that cartoon. Can’t you post it to culprits everywhere, like one of those messages with all the letters cut out of newspapers?

Re the subject of healing, some very obvious points for those tumshies (Scottish for turnip) who peddle this lack of faith poison:
1. Quite clearly the statistics on death are very compelling. One out of one dies.
2. So (duh!) how can it always be God’s will to heal? Why don’t any of THEM manage to escape dying of something in the end? CLearly it is NOT always God’s will to heal.
3. Death is horrible (my heart goes out to some of the commenters above whose loss has been made even harder).
4.Human beings like to deny the reality of death. (Have you noticed how people say, “If anything happens to me…”, like there’s a chance it might not?! Therefore I reckon all this business of God definitely wants to heal is borne out of the natural desire to deny that death is inevitable.
5. We don’t believe (at all? enough?) in heaven.

Re the subject of wealth: I SO HATE THOSE GOD CHANNEL MONEY GRUBBING SO AND SOs. My natural delightfulness and placid joyful graciousness (ha ha) evaporates at the mere thought of them…
Hurray! That's better. It does feel so good to "vent your spleen" from time to time!


That Hideous Man said...

Spleen well-vented, and well said! I believe that it was Benny Hinn who once claimed that once we get the hang of this word-of-faith healing malarkey - we'll all live as long as Methuselah.... shame it didn't work out that way for Jesus or any of his apostles.... .

It's also such a shame that prosperity theology doesn't work. If it did we wouldn't have to bother with TearFund or WaterAid, just set satelittle TV sets up accross Africa and give them the God channel

AnneDroid said...

How right you are, thm, on both counts. I was going to say I hope Benny Hinn doesn't live as long as Methuselah. But that doesn't sound very Christian! On the other hand it would be being honest, and that's definitely Christian!

Shari said...

For awhile, having enough faith to be healed was really popular. It seems that people are into the wealth thing now - have enough faith to claim the wealth. Fortunately, I go to a church where the pastor preaches the truth straight from the Bible. Last week, I wrote a post about why bad things happen. This can relate to being sick and not having enough money. God can use our sickness and problems to glorify Him. God can strengthen our spirits during our weak times, because we are having to rely on Him. God can use us to help others going through the same trouble. The Bible warns us about false teachers. They are actually pulling people away from The Lord. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.